Saturday, August 29, 2009

The Heroes - Joe Abercrombie's Next Book

I haven't read Abercrombie's Best Served Cold yet however I greatly enjoyed his The First Law trilogy. And the Best Served Cold has been on my list, patiently waiting for its turn to be read.

A few days ago Joe Abercrombie talked about his next book, The Heroes, on his blog:

Both because the action centres around a ring of standing stones called the Heroes, and because it's about heroism and that (meant semi-ironically, of course). It mostly takes place over the course of three days, and is the story of a single battle for control of the North. Think Lord of the Rings meets A Bridge Too Far, with a sprinkling of Band of Brothers and Generation Kill. It's about war, you get me? Principally it follows the (mis)adventures of six assorted persons on both sides and different levels of command, whose paths intersect during the course of the battle in various fateful, horrible, wonderful, surprisingly violent, surprisingly unviolent, and hilarious ways. With the Northmen: a veteran losing his nerve who just wants to keep his crew alive, an ex-Prince determined to claw his way back to power by any means necessary, a young lad determined to win a place in the songs for himself. With the Union: A depressive swordsman who used to be the king's bodyguard, a profiteering standard-bearer, and the venomously ambitious daughter of the Marshal in command. But of course a fair few familiar faces show up on both sides...

It sounds like another exciting book but unfortunately we won't be able to read it until February 2011 it seems.

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