Wednesday, October 13, 2010


After 3 weeks of radio silence, I'm back. What happened? I went to San Francisco for work for a week. I go there every year to attend JavaOne (a big IT conference built around Java development platform). It all went well.

Then, I visited friends in Colorado for 10 days. This was my first time in Colorado and I was really looking forward to it. First I stayed with friends in Boulder. Then I went to Denver to stay with other friends for a few more days. What did I think of the place? I absolutely loved it.

The weather was amazing. We had 10 days of sunshine and blue sky. I'd love to see Colorado in winter, though, with all the snow and skiing. The people looked very much into outdoors activities.

We drove around the place a lot and while climbing the Rockies, we came across old mining equipment left from the mining era. I thought they looked cool, almost like out of a steampunk novel.

After coming back home for a few days, I left to attend the wedding celebration of some friends during a long weekend break. Now I'm tired but I had great time.

Well... Of course I did some reading during these busy times. I'm hoping to post my review of The Way of Kings on Monday.

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