Wednesday, April 20, 2011

HBO's "Game of Thrones" And Its 2nd Season

Just like many other fantasy fans I eagerly sat in front of my TV and watched the first episode of HBO's Game of Thrones. I had to pause regularly to give my wife some background information about the characters and the setting.

I thought the setting was pretty well realized. Winterfell gave the impression that HBO spent enough money to make the setting look nice. I really liked the way the Wall and the North in general looked.

I also liked the casting. I thought the characters were pretty well chosen. There was nothing major that surprised me. I can even say that the few characters who I really wanted to punch in the face while I was reading the book looked like they could do with a few punches too.

I guess, for someone who read and who really thinks very highly of G.R.R. Martin's book, it is impossible not to compare the TV show with the book. That's the reason why I'm relying on my wife's reaction to say that HBO's Game of Thrones seemed to display the potential to be a very successful show. I wasn't surprised at all when I heard the news that they were going to start to film the second season.


  1. Sean Bean is the perfect Ned Stark. There really couldn't have been anyone else.

  2. Amazingly well rendered i think - it's one of the few TV adaptations that didn't disappoint, I was worried it would get the 'Star Trek Voyager' away mission treatment of crappy sets and costumes