Friday, January 10, 2014

Mobile App: Hairy Tales

I came across Hairy Tales last night. It is currently free on Apple's App Store. It is a great puzzle-action game and by the time you pass the tutorial you're addicted to it. I'm sure you're going to like the Hairys.

Hairy Tales by Josh Presseisen

Combining tile-dragging mechanics with fast furious action, Hairy Tales is a puzzle action game about the zany adventures of a group of not too bright folk spirits, as you help them puzzle out evil conundrums in their mission to save their tile-based world from sickening corruption.

It stars the Hairys, an excitable group of fairy folk who are so eager to clear their world of corruption that they simply don't watch where they're going. It's up to you to lead them to safety by placing tiles and power ups in their way.

It has 72 levels split across three distinctive worlds, where players must simultaneously save the Hairys from falling off the edge of the world by re-arranging the tiles on each level, while acquiring power ups, magic mushrooms and destroying evil enemy Kikimoras and their three powerful end bosses.

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