Friday, February 5, 2010

Cover Art: The Ragged Man by Tom Lloyd

I'm not a big fan of dragons but I think the cover of Tom Lloyd's The Ragged Man shows enough skeleton and the evilest of dragons to impress any fantasy lover.

Tom Lloyd's The Ragged Man is the forth book of The Twilight Reign series:

Continuing the powerful epic that started with The Stormcaller: Lord Isak is dead, his armies and entire tribe in disarray. It falls to King Emin to continue the war alone, and the Menin are only too happy to meet his challenge. In Byora, Ruhen is developing his 'Saviour' persona. The Harlequins start preaching in his name and many of the pilgrims who flock to him are recruited to be 'Children', disciples who spread Ruhen's message. All over the Land people are starting to see Ruhen as the answer to their troubles. A showdown is coming: battle lines are finally drawn and the atrocities quickly mount. The spectre of the Great War looms, but in this age the Gods cannot and will not come to King Emin's aid. With the peoples of the Land turning against Emin and his few remaining allies, their only chance for survival lies in the hands of a dead man. 

Update: (9 Feb 2010)

Here's the final version of the cover (click to enlarge):

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