Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Cover Art: The Heroes by Joe Abercrombie

If I believed in the existence of the devil and of a soul then I would probably sell mine on eBay to be the first one to read Joe Abercrombie's upcoming book, The Heroes (Publishers! I don't believe in the devil but I believe in you. So I'd still sell my soul for an ARC. Deal?).

Looking at this cover, that I like by the way, The Heroes is going to be the bloodiest of all of Abercrombie's books. The map on the background, which has almost become a signature, keeps the consistency with the previous books while the reflection of the faces on the blood gives a glimpse of the crowd who shed it.


War: where the blood and dirt of the battlefield hide the dark deeds committed in the name of glory. THE HEROES is about violence and ambition, gruesome deaths and betrayals; and the brutal truth that no plan survives contact with enemy. The characters are the stars, as ever, and the message is dark: when it comes to war, there are no heroes…


Curnden Craw: a ruthless fighter who wants nothing more than to see his crew survive.

Prince Calder: a liar and a coward, he will regain his crown by any means necessary.

Bremer dan Gorst: a master swordsman, a failed bodyguard, his honor will be restored—in the blood of his enemies.

Over three days, their fates will be sealed.

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