Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Speculative Book Review

It all started a few months ago when Ty (State of Review) and PeterWilliam (Ubiquitous Absence) got together (on-line) to talk about setting up a collaborative blog. After a silent recruiting campaign and tons of brainstorming, our band of reviewers has grown to include Victoria, Cara (Murf61) and myself.

Simply looking at the quality and the diversity of my co-bloggers in Speculative Book Review, I think we'll be contributing to one of the best book blogs out there. I, personally, don't want to say that I'm moving all my blogging to a new site however this may well be what the future holds for me. We'll see...

Currently, Speculative Book Review is in Beta. We will officially launch on April 1st with the interview of one of fantasy's greatest writers. And I'm going to hold on to my upcoming review for another week for this occasion too.

Please bookmark the address of Speculative Book Review and let us know what you think.



  1. Congrats on the new site, mate. Bookmarked and will look forward to whatever you all come up with. I'm sure given the talents of the various contributors it'll be something special.

    Though I see TSS isn't even on the blogroll. Scandalous!

  2. Thanks Niall! ;)

    Regarding the blogroll and TSS, it's just an oversight. We're still in Beta. I'm sure it'll be corrected the next time you check the site ;).

  3. Is this a new trend? I mean one blog with several contributors. Anyway I will follow and look forward.
    Good luck!