Friday, August 20, 2010

Book Depository

I've been buying my books, personal and professional alike, on Book Depository for a while. And on every occasion I've been telling people how satisfied I am with their service and with their prices.

This morning, I was very happy to read that Book Depository's sales have increased by more than 20%. They have deserved this kind of success.

I'm sure most of you know them already. However if you don't, have a look at their Web site and compare the prices and the availability of some of the titles that you are interested in. They may be based in the UK however they offer free worldwide shipping.


  1. Amen! I love them and since I've discovered them have bought most, if not all, of my books there :D

  2. I live in Germany and I also buy books at Book Depository.
    Often books at Book Depository are cheaper than at - unbelievable!!

    Like you I recommend to have a look at Book Depository.

  3. I've started using them too because of free shipping to New Zealand... can send young nephews lots of books about dragons and spaceships now!

  4. I've used Book Depo maybe 2-3 times now, and whilst my books come pretty quickly and in great condition, I have one minor flaw with them...

    The website is broken. You can find books and order them without issue, yes, but the order status function doesn't work. It sticks at processing, which annoys me a bit. :(