Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Book Review: Hawkwood and the Kings by Paul Kearney

Title: Hawkwood and the Kings
Author: Paul Kearney
Paperback: 704 pages
Publisher: Solaris (5 Aug 2010)
ISBN 10: 1906735700
ISBN 13: 978-1906735708
Series: The Monarchies of God - Volume 1

The western world is burning...

For Richard Hawkwood and his crew, a desperate venture to carry refugees to the uncharted land across the Great Western Ocean offers the only chance of escape from the Inceptines' pyres.

In the East, Lofantyr, Abeleyn and Mark - three of the five Ramusian Kings - have defied the cruel pontiff's purge and must fight to hold their thrones through excommunication, intrigue and civil war.

In the quiet monastery city of Charibon, two humble monks make a discovery that will change the whole world.

Aekir, the Holy City, has fallen and all now seems lost, but even on the eve of destruction the Faithful still war amongst themselves...

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