Monday, November 7, 2011

Graphic Novel Review: Orcs: Forged for War by Stan Nicholls & Joe Flood

Title: Orcs: Forged for War
Author: Stan Nicholls & Joe Flood
Trade Paperback: 208 pages
Publisher: First Second Books (21 Oct 2011)
ISBN 10: 1596434554
ISBN 13: 978-1596434554

"Orcs: Forged for War is the first graphic novel in Stan Nicholls’ beloved Orcs universe. The fantasy landscape in this world is brutal and unforgiving, and populated by a race of unlikely protagonists: the powerful and violent warriors, orcs.

Orcs: Forged for War is an original story—a new entry in this series, not an adaptation of old material. It follows a ruthless and deadly cohort of warrior orcs as they fight their way free of the dominion of an evil human enchantress. Sitting on an exhilarating peak with high fantasy on one side and the thrilling, gruesome battlefields of graphic novel classics like Frank Miller’s 300 on the other, Orcs presents the world of its ogre-like protagonists with technicolor violence and moments of unexpected sympathy."

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