Wednesday, November 2, 2011

The Heroes Wallpaper, Wild Cards Film & TV Deal and The Liveship Traders Graphic Novel

Joe Abercrombie's The Heroes was one of my top reads this year. For the other fans out there, I'd like to point out that Orbit posted a The Heroes-themed wallpaper in various sizes (including iPad and iPhone).

If you're into graphic novels then you probably already know the graphics novel publisher Soleil. They had already published Robin Hobb's Farseer Trilogy and now it seems they signed the deal to continue the job with the following trilogy, The Liveship Traders. Unfortunately, they are not available in English but French and Dutch speakers can enjoy them.

The current success of the new TV series Game of Thrones seems to be helping George R. R. Martin a great deal. The fans of Martin's Wild Cards series will be delighted to hear that SyFy Films has acquired the rights to this series. I look forward to seeing them.


  1. Damn, wish I could speak dutch! That one looks freking awesome!

  2. OMG! I wrote George R. R. Martin, probably 10 years ago, pleading for him and his people to try and get the "Wild Card" series on the big screen or a television series. Hearing SyFy Studios has brought the rights to this series, makes me jump for joy. I hope they plan on starting from the beginning of the series, as my favorite characters are Fortunato, The Great and Powerful Turtle, and Yeoman. Can't wait to see what SyFy will do with these characters, even though I feel the series would be better portrayed with an 'R' rating, as with "Game of Thrones", on HBO.