Thursday, May 9, 2013

Cover Reveal - The Path Of Anger by Antoine Rouaud

Gollancz just revealed the cover art of one of their 2013 debuts novels: The Path Of Anger by Antoine Rouaud. This is going to be the first book of a trilogy entitled The Book And The Sword (called originally Le Livre Et L'Epée). The debut novel of Antoine Rouaud, a rising name in French fantasy, will be published simultaneously in many European countries in October 2013.

We don't see many cover reveals in animated GIF, mostly because GIF is a very restrictive format regarding the color palette. However this one looks pretty nice.

Dun-Cadal has been drinking his life away for years. Betrayed by his friends - who turned their back on their ideals in favour of a new republic - and grief stricken at the loss of his apprentice, who saved his life on the battlefield and whom he trained as a knight in exchange, he's done with politics, with adventure, and with people.

But people aren't finished with him - not yet. Viola is a young historian looking for the last Emperor's sword, and her search not only brings her to Dun-Cadal, it's also going to embroil them both in a series of assassinations. Because Dun-Cadal's turncoat friends are being murdered, one by one . . . by someone who kills in the unmistakable style of an Imperial assassin . . .

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