Thursday, April 1, 2010

Giveaway Winners: Farlander by Col Buchanan

The 5 lucky winners who are going to receive a copy of Col Buchanan's Farlander (review) are:

  • Andrea Chettle
  • Joanne Saxton
  • Marc Verrall
  • Michael Morton
  • Rich Daniels

Well done guys! I hope you'll like the book. Please drop by later and tell us what you think of it.


  1. Hey Yagiz,
    Just dropping by to say I got the e-mail and thank you and Tor for the competition!
    Will report back once it's arrived and when I get started reading it :)
    Congratulations to the other winners, and commiserations to those who weren't as lucky. May you have better luck next time :D

  2. I am so chuffed, thank you. I have entered loads of "Giveaways" and this is my first win. WooHoo!

  3. Hi Yagiz,
    thanks for organising the competition.

    Looking forward to the book arriving - and the next competion :-)


  4. This is the first time I ever won anything! I'm really pleased and looking forwards to reading this one when my copy arrives.

  5. Not arrived yet so can't say how good/bad I found it! Will let you know when I get it.

  6. I'm really sorry about the delay. I contacted the publisher about it 5-6 days ago so you should receive your copies soon.

  7. It went thud this morning, and it's going to be my reading priority for now.
    It looks bigger than it is, I think.

  8. Finished it last night.

    To cut a long story short, I wasn't bowled over and I felt Col Buchanan was quite repetitive and got hung up on certain ways of describing people. I thought it was a good read, however, and I will be checking out the second one with the hopes that he's improved.

  9. Sorry finished it a while back, have been deliberating on my verdict. I think Michael M. gets it right with "Wasn't bowled over". I will also be checking out the rest of the series so it did something right.

  10. Thanks for the feedback guys! I'm glad you enjoyed it overall.

    I'll definitely be checking out the second installment too.